What Does 2022 Mean For Your Website?

The pandemic still significantly influences the economy in the world, creating uncertainty for the future. No one can say for sure what the next month or two or half a year will bring. But, one thing is for sure – The digital platform of advertising and websites are not going anywhere. 2022 is expected to be the first trillion-dollar year for online e-commerce sales. 

Shifting spending habits

People continue to shift their spending habits online amid the COVID-19 pandemic, new data from Adobe projects. The pandemic gave e-commerce sales an “extra boost” as consumers moved online to meet their daily needs, Adobe said in its report. In 2020, online consumer spending hit a record $813 billion, a 42% increase from 2019. What we can see from this persistent pattern is basically, go digital or go dark.

What does that mean for 2022? 

So now I’m sure you’re wondering, what does that mean for 2022? 

  • Have a website that works fast and efficiently 
  • SEO practices that WORK
  • Mobile optimization

Have a website that works fast and efficiently – Our previous Clients can tell you!

Slow websites frustrate customers and clients alike. Frustration costs you money. 2021 affected digital marketing and online sales. To delight consumers, out-rank competitors, and please the new  Google algorithm, your site will need to load in under a second. Google says 

“We’ll begin using page experience as part of our desktop ranking systems beginning in February 2022. The rollout will be complete by the end of March 2022. This ranking launch will be based on the same page experience signals that we rolled out for mobile earlier this year.” And you’ll need to get there fast, otherwise, your competitors might beat you to the finish line. At Nation Media Design we have tried and true methods to make sure your website loads fast and is responsive on ALL devices. Users expect fast – a fast website, a fast app, a fast digital experience. The relationship between web performance and user behavior is backed by plenty of research.

Research by Google found that delays of over 3 seconds can lead to over 50% abandonment.

In 2014, a study revealed that 47% of people expect a site to load in less than 2 seconds.

Radware discovered that 20% of users abandon their cart if the transaction process is too slow.

Time is money and every single millisecond could be costing you users or conversions. Since the uptick in online sales due to 2021 affecting digital marketing-   People are impatient, and delays reduce the likelihood of them spending, converting, or taking action.

SEO practices that WORK – We can promise that

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is one of the best ways for small businesses to keep up with fast-growing establishments. It is an efficient and cost-effective digital marketing strategy that we have today. It has also become increasingly beneficial for companies over the past decade.

SEO for small businesses presents several benefits that we would like to share with you. It attracts more potential customers.

Prioritizing SEO gives your business the advantage of ranking higher in search engine results. This digital marketing strategy enables your customers to learn about your products and services.

Mobile optimization

In 2021, over 50% of all web traffic is from mobile devices such as phones and tablets. The rise of mobile-based internet use has been increasing ever since the iPhone was introduced in 2007.

Today, people love using their phones to read the news, connect with friends and family, and shop online. But, the reality is that in 2021, most people have made mobile internet browsing a part of their everyday lives. In fact, there’s a high chance you’re reading this article on your phone or tablet right now! This growing trend means there is a definite need for business owners to prioritize mobile search optimization now more than ever. If your website does not make it easier for visitors to browse, share, and buy on a mobile device, then you are potentially losing half your customer base!

Being unprepared can be overwhelming; Nation Media Design can help. Having a digital platform is now more critical than ever.  Chat with us today and find out all the ways we can help! To avoid catastrophic revenue losses, companies have no choice but to shift focus to their existing digital channels or make a more significant pivot to a digital business model. The innovations that come from necessity could become lasting pillars for your business that help it thrive, and we promise you 2022 demands it. We are here to make sure your business succeeds. When you succeed, we succeed. View some of our recent case studies and see how we were able to keep these business alive in the thick of the pandemic. We were happy to help them And would be happy to help you. 2020 and 2021 have affected  digital marketing. However, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It allows more options, more reach. Not just at your  brick-and-mortor location but in the digital space as well. The sky is the limit. Let us help you reach for the stars.

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