4 Ways To Improve Traffic To Your Website

But the thing is, humans don’t have long attention spans. Therefore content that’s difficult to read will put off users and make them leave your site. You can solve this by making all of your content easy to read. And this isn’t just for your blog content, either. Every page on your website should be easy to read with bite-size sentences people can consume quickly.

Here are a few ways to keep site content readable:

Keep sentences short and to-the-point
Try to have no more than two sentences in each paragraph
Use a clear, readable font and larger font size
Check the reading score of your content
Use images and media to break up your text
Make use of bullets, lists, and headings to keep things scannable.

Optimize Older Content
Content that isn’t evergreen can go out of date quickly. So it’s worth spending the time to update it with new information. And as we said earlier, updating posts can keep them relevant in search rankings too.

Here are a few ways you can update old content:

Research new keywords to optimize for
Add new images with keyword-rich alt descriptions
Create an infographic to add new life to an old post
Embed videos alongside tutorial posts
Create image galleries for product listings

Link to Internal Content
All good content marketing strategies include internal linking as a critical practice. Linking to other pages and posts on your website makes it easier for search engines to discover and index it.

Here are a few more reasons why internal linking is essential:

It helps search engines understand the relationship between content on your site and uses it as a ranking signal.
Placing internal links strategically can help you reduce bounce rates and increase page visits.
Visitors can navigate your site more easily.
It’s easier to build links internally than asking third-party sites to link out to you.
So make linking to older articles in new posts a habit. And this goes for product descriptions, feature pages, and landing pages too.

Build Quality Backlinks
Because backlinks are one of the most influential signals for Google rankings, you should still try to get quality links from other sites.
Try some of the followings tips to secure more backlinks:
Reach out to leaders in your industry and tell them about content they might want to link to (more on this later).
Write guest posts for other websites.
Add links to your website on all your social media profiles.

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