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Local SEO Optimization: 4 Ruthless Jaw-dropping tactics with local SEO

Let's get started with Local SEO Optimization:

Grow Your Business in a Small Town through Local SEO Optimization. Your target audience must know your brand and its products, which can be done through local SEO optimization. Local businesses in Grand Rapids would first want the locals to be aware of your existence. Hiring an SEO company in Grand Rapids will ensure that your business is optimized for local search.

Grand Rapids was named one of the top cities to start a small business, which makes it is a highly trafficked tourist destination.  This means there’s a real potential for businesses to flourish here but that’s only possible if your business is optimized for local SEO. Considering 46 percent of all Google searches are for local information, your business would benefit from local SEO optimization.

1. Local SEO Optimization Competitive Analysis – grow your business

If  you are a plumbing company in Grand Rapids, you will need to rank higher on SERPs than your competitors in the same area. You can use Local SEO Optimization competitive analysis to compare your website with that of the competitor to gain an insight into what they are doing and where you can edge past them. The SEO competitive analysis involves:

2. Local SEO Optimization Audit

Since SEO is an intuitive and ongoing system, it would help to perform regular audits to find out the position of your website. A comprehensive Local SEO Optimization audit will tell you where your website stands and will help you figure out ways to achieve your goals. A comprehensive local SEO audit involves the following:

  • Update Google My Business
  • Inspect keyword targeting
  • Check backlinks

3. Local SEO Optimization Links

Having local backlinks from other Grand Rapids-based businesses or organizations will help you build up a powerful bank of local links from Grand Rapids. This will not only increase visibility with local customers but also boost your online presence. Here are some Local SEO Optimization link-building tactics.

  • Get listed in local business directories:  
  • Sponsor local events or organizations 
  • Get featured on local blogs 

4. Ensure Your Online Details Are Consistent to grow your business with Local SEO Optimization

It is imperative to set up NAP for your business, which stands for name, address, and phone number. This makes it easier for people and search engines to find your business. The NAP should be integrated on your business website as a crawlable HTML text. Use NAP in the footer or header of the site and avoid using an image.

Next up is to have consistent details and citations across your online presence. Ensure that all of your business listings have the exact contact details, prices, and other information. Any discrepancies in these details may stop search engines from showing your business in SERPs since they can’t determine which information is correct. 

In the end, what you need to know is that Local SEO Optimization is a dynamic and constantly ongoing process. It’s not a simple task that can be marked done and put to rest. To stay on top of the search rankings and stay relevant, it’s best to update and follow the trends regularly.

We know the importance of SEO and performance driven SEO For local businesses. The process is ongoing, never ending and for the un-trained, tiring. 

Thankfully over the years we have established best practices and performance driven results for our clients. If your feeling overwhelmed or your not sure where to start talk to us today. WE can help!

We are here to make sure your business succeed. When you succeed, we succeed. 

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