glo Sun & Shades


First Step
Initially, when I first met with Glo, it was very clear that they had some major weaknesses in their digital media outlets. The first thought that came to mind was to get digital presence all on the same page. My goal was to get the website, Facebook, Instagram, SEO, and PPC marketing running the same branding message. So we began to develop an SEO, PPC website and social media strategy that would accomplish this goal and allow us to proceed to the next steps.


After we did our initial overview and implemented our plan, we instantly saw results on all fronts of the digital media outlets. The PPC marketing was yielding extremely high results and the SEO key terms were beginning to take rank very highly. I had also consulted with the manager of all of the Glo locations as she ran the social media to help and guide her to what she should do and what she should steer away from. After small steps of implementation, keyword research, and combining efforts to all be focused on the same goal, we were able to have a total digital transformation for website overhaul, which gave us a new and great place to lead potential clients to.

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