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Whether you’re a solo practitioner focused on litigation or a law firm helping commercial clients, Nation Media Design’s technology and experienced team is here to help with your marketing efforts.

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We understand the complexities of legal marketing. We’ve been helping legal clients around the United States for years and our technology platform was built with legal clients in mind to help you get more revenue and grow your practice with law firm marketing.

Nation Media Design was very successful in helping us with our Facebook and Google ad campaigns. Within 3 weeks, we started receiving calls from clients to retain our services! We continue our ads and have asked NMD to redesign our website. Looking forward to the finished product!"
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Every practice area is different, and how you market to your ideal clients has to be unique. Nation Media Design understands the importance of custom tailoring your law firm marketing to your practice area. From bankruptcy to employment law, we understand the importance of your practice focus and with our law firm marketing, you will be found faster by the right audience.

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With Nation Media Design, you get a partner with 10+ years of experience helping practices with their law firm marketing. We provide the digital tools, including real-time reporting and marketing know-how, while you set your business goals and outline the strategy to take your success to the next level. We are here to partner with your law firm to help you reach your growth goals. We’re committed to working alongside our clients to understand your goals, your clients, and how to effectively help you increase revenue and grow your business.

"Nation Media Design knocks it out of the park when it comes to marketing and SEO. They treat you like family and care about your firms success. We continue to rely on their knowledge and see true and consistent results!"
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How to Get Started with Law Firm Marketing

Like the intricate legal world, there’s more that goes on behind the scenes in marketing than just the results. It’s important to address all marketing openings and leave nothing behind. In this section, you will get a better understanding of the nitty-gritty work behind what can make marketing so effective for your law practice with law firm marketing and how you can get started.

Is Website Development Important?

Law Firm Marketing

Similar to finding a person on social media before meeting them for the first time, customers want a place to look and get to know your business before engaging with you. Your law firm’s website provides that jumping-off point for them and should form the center of your law firm marketing universe.

A good law firm website contains vital information first such as your location, your area of expertise, where you service, and how to get in touch with you. Other factors include client testimonials, reviews, cost estimations, and informative content that the client will find helpful.

Your law firm marketing website home page will also be the backbone of your marketing efforts. A well-designed and user-friendly website is the first stepping stone for winning new clients, and first impressions matter, even if they’re made online.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Law Firm Marketing

Search Engine Optimization, known less formally as SEO in the law firm marketing world, is one of the main ways your website is ranked in answer to search engine inquiries. When you use certain keywords on your site, search engines like Google target those keywords and rank you higher according to the information being sought.

SEO efforts can be as successful as having your law firm’s website pops up when someone searches for law firms in your area or quoting your answer to the most commonly asked questions.

Law firms have been kept alive by word-of-mouth clients and loyal customers, but with so many people using the internet to find the home services help they’re looking for, you need to rank high in Google in order to keep your client list growing. Combining SEO with referral visits can keep your law firm marketing plan humming.

That includes understanding the user’s intent, getting your business at the top of the list, and speaking from a place of authority and trust. Utilizing marketing skills and SEO best practices will put you in a position where clients are calling you. Focus on providing law firm keywords on your website to naturally build your SEO presence.

What is Digital Advertising?

Law Firm Marketing

Digital advertising has become even more of a necessity than physical advertising with customers seeking home services help online – including law firms. When targeted to the right people as part of your law firm marketing plan, digital advertising can raise brand awareness, boost growth, and provide a roadmap to marketing efforts 

Your business gets put at the forefront of digital platforms, including social media and search engines and that’s essential to grow your business in this day and age. Because your law firm is limited to who you can provide services for, it’s important that your ad efforts and money aren’t wasted on a global reach.

For example, you would not want your Instagram ads showing up for people in Canada if your business is based in Grand Rapids. Using best practices for digital advertising, such as narrowing down buyer personas, is the best way for your advertising efforts to equal the bang for your buck. Start small with placements such as Google ads or local ad partners.

Do You Need to Worry About Social Media For Law Firm Marketing?

We know what you’re thinking. A backed-up septic tank isn’t material for a viral video, but being on social media is now one of the basic foundations of building your business with law firm marketing. Law firms have a unique advantage of providing educational marketing posts along with promotional material and it’s something you should take advantage of if you’re not already.

Law Firm Marketing

Social media provides you with a unique platform to actively engage with current and potential clients and build trust and loyalty. Many law firms have joined Youtube to create and promote educational videos, including “how to’s”, which cost very little to make. As always, start off small and create content that would be beneficial to potential customers, while also promoting your business and where you provide service. The more you engage with your audience, the more of a household name you will become.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is law firm marketing?

Law firm marketing is the action your business takes to promote your services using market research, advertising, social media engagement, and promotions to increase brand awareness.

Why do I need law firm marketing?

Word-of-mouth is no longer effective as the only means of advertising. With the world moving towards a digital market, law firms need to be aggressive about getting their name out there and in front of the local customers that can turn into clients of their business.

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