Nation Media Design | Grand Rapids Marketing & Design agency 5 REASONS YOU NEED TO KNOW YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE TARGET AUDIENCE


Great marketing starts with knowing who your target audience is and then knowing where they are coming from. It will help you better understand how to create valuable content that connects with your customers or clients. With the frequent Facebook and Google algorithm changes and the ever-changing digital marketing world,…
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Analyzing charts and graphs

Drive profitable traffic to your website

When your website is optimized for search, you’ll have a better chance of driving traffic to your website. Keyword research is vital. Customers search online for your products or services every day. Including keywords in your tags, content, and titles is very important for SEO to drive traffic to your…
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for you page

Get On TikTok’s FOR YOU Page

In only a few years of its existence, TikTok is the social media platform that has everybody talking. TikTok has propelled the social media industry with its distinct features including dance challenges, unique filters, and most importantly TikTok’s FOR YOU Page. But what makes the “For You” page so special?…
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