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The New Rules For Scrolling In Web Design

That which was once taboo in website design has made a complete resurgence as one of the most popular techniques in recent years as users are finding a new love and appreciation for sites where scrolling is a necessity. Shedding its old stigmas, scrolling is reinventing itself as a core interaction design element – that […]
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Why Do I Need A Website? 21 Answers

Steve Jobs also asked ‘why’. He challenged every single operation within his company. Everyone, from the engineers to the accounting staff, did things differently, because Jobs would ask them why they did things in a certain way. And answering, “Well, that’s what everybody else is going” simply wasn’t good enough. When I started my first […]
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15 Reasons Small Businesses Need A Brand Identity System

Business and marketing experts urge small business owners to “brand” their businesses with a logo and a set of consistent marketing materials — a brand identity system. But they rarely explain the reasons behind this advice. A logo and consistent marketing materials can increase your sales and revenue because they convey the following impressions: To […]
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3 Major Web Design Mistakes In Grand Rapids, Mi

Web design had come a long, long way since the 1990s when things like GeoCities and AOL dominated the Internet. Design itself has evolved, along with a deeper understanding of principles like usability and the user experience. There certainly hasn’t been a lack of studies examining everything from typography and site speed, to content above […]
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