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334.65% increase in website traffic
87 organic keywords to 918+
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Westward Industries is a family business specializing in electric vehicle manufacturing for niche markets like farming and parking enforcement. Based out of Winnipeg, Canada, the Franz brothers purchased Westward Industries in 2012. They have been a Nation Media Client For 6 years. We have built a strong, solid relationship of trust and success with them. Let’s explore the growth WestwardIndustries has received Nation Media’s SEO technology.

Westward Industries is an electric vehicle manufacturing company based out of Winnipeg, Canada. Westward is a full-service digital marketing client. 2022 was about building brand recognition, establishing SEO as a staple in marketing efforts, and creating consistently successful marketing campaigns. To reach these goals we launched several successful campaigns that involved SEO, email marketing, social media outreach, and Google ads.

A high-level KPI was to have organic SEO growth! In action, we devised a full-scale SEO website revamp strategy. We started by implementing new pages aimed at ranking for LSV terminology and Electric Utility Vehicle. After a year, all of these terms we set to rank for are in the top 3 and top 6 in the world: low-speed vehicle #3, electric utility truck #1, low-speed vehicle manufacturer #7, and more!


With Nation Media’s marketing technology, SEO expertise, excellent social media plan, and website design revamp plan, Westward Industries’ organic website traffic has undergone extreme growth this past year. Organic traffic went from 1,083 organic monthly visitors to 2,657 by adding 618 keywords to its Google Search total—a massive increase in keywords from 372 to 918!

Additionally, with consistent social media posts, we generated 2,000+ website visits with social media alone! A staggering 40,000+ have seen our post, with a demographic of 87% males and 37% female.

What about Google PPC? With some revamping of the PPC campaigns, we saved Westward over $500+ per month in bad spending with an annual savings of $6,000!

The website revamp added to the success of all of the campaigns. We added 20+ new dynamic pages and a user-focused mega menu, reducing the bounce rate significantly by 60%.  In 2022 the website had a 104% increase in users, with 185,035 page views and  54,644 users, up from 27,208 users in 2021.

High rankings for difficult keywords
We ranked in top 10 at minumum for every term.
100% growth in traffic
From 27,00 to 54,000 visitors in one year.
618+ organic keywords
In one year we went from 372 Keywords to 918+.


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