SEO Improvement for B2B lead generation

Westward Industries is a family business that specializes in building vehicles for niche markets. Since purchasing the company in 2012, they have improved their SEO and B2B lead generation. They came to us for help with this being a niche market. Westward needed more traffic from organic search results to drive more sales. In this case study, you will see how we successfully increased their keywords, rankings, and traffic to their website.

Getting Started

The Franz brothers, with a mix of engineering and business acumen, knew they needed help in this area. They came to Nation Media Design seeking to improve their rankings and overall traffic to their website.  We were eager to help them right away and came up with a monthly budget and began to dig in and fine-tune their personal SEO Optimization plan. First we needed to preform their SEO audit.

Performing The SEO Audit

In the first part of our process we go through initial examination of the site and develop a strategy to clean up all items on the site that are negating gaining rankings. Like broken links, anchor text, page speed, page tags and many other variables. Once we establish the health of the site we launch a comprehensive campaign to fix all of these items.

Keyword Analysis

SEO Improvement for B2B lead generation

We established a list of keywords based on clients’ needs and markets desires:

electric utility truck

electric lsv

low-speed electric vehicle

3 wheeled utility vehicles

low-speed vehicle manufacturers

lsv cars

electric utility vehicle Canada

utility vehicle electric

electric utility vehicle

electric utility vehicles for sale

low-speed vehicles for sale

lsv vehicles for sale

low-speed vehicle

Launching The SEO Campaign

Once we got are keyword list down, cleaned up the site and set out strategies in place we launched our campaign.

Continuing Results

The continuing results for this campaign are outstanding and continue to produce results.  A well-planned strategy, A+ communication with the client, and teamwork were all major factors in these outstanding results.


• Traffic on website increase 308%+
• Competing in the search engine market with Polaris and Club Car.
• 72 keywords to 723 ranking keywords
• 300%+ conversion rate improvement

This campaign continues to produce amazing results. We were able to build a long-lasting and trusting relationship with our clients. Helping them to reach their goals was very important to us. utilizing every aspect of our team and theirs we successfully established their online presence to produce lucrative results.

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