5 Misconceptions People Have About Digital Marketing

 It’s such a promising arena in the marketing world that it’s the talk of every town and is attractive to every emerging business. In the quest and desperation to understand, try, and succeed at digital marketing, people have cooked up mind-boggling myths and misconceptions about it that call for an unlearning process before learning about actual digital marketing facts.
Join us by reading this article till the end, as we shun these false preconceptions and unveil the truth.

Common Digital Marketing Myths
Here’s a list of myths about digital marketing that are astonishing and even somewhat funny.

Digital Marketing Is Only For The Tech People
A widespread misconception about digital marketing is that it’s a rewarding skill only in the hands of computer sciences grads and professionals, and anyone else has nothing to do with it. As the name suggests, it’s a marketing tool that is open for every individual who possesses business acumen and a decent understanding of marketing principles. If you know your target audience, the 4Ps of marketing, and have a fair idea of Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning, anyone can pursue digital marketing as all these define your business objectives and strategies.
The use of specific digital marketing tools is a self-learning process more often and can be mastered within days.

Digital Marketing Is Not For B2B Models
We want to shun this misconception thoroughly because the opposite is the truth. Digital Marketing is an excellent tool for business-to-business models. That is why they have come up with formal Customer Relationship Management Platforms. It’s a digital tool to record and maintain all details of the relationship between two businesses.
LinkedIn has its particular LinkedIn Sales Navigator platform, especially for B2B businesses, which helps identify potential decision-makers. Also, Email-Marketing is a top digital marketing tool heavily used by B2B professionals to achieve multiples business objectives.

High Web Traffic Indicates Success
Not at all! While it’s good to have the maximum number of impressions and visitors onto your website, it’s not an indicator of a successful digital marketing strategy. True success is achieved when your desired and targeted consumers are those visitors- to whom your marketing efforts were directed. Digital Marketing is more of a focused approach, unlike traditional marketing modes that are willing to target absolutely anyone who sees their TVCs or print ads.

Small Businesses Can’t Go For It.
This is yet another misconception where truth is the exact opposite. Digital Marketing is BEST for small businesses. It allows them to operate and serve their customers without a physical presence or running costly TVCs on traditional media and print.
The costs they will bear will also directly correlate to the number of custom segments/niches they’ll be targeting. Digital Marketing charges in terms of clicks, reach, impressions, and conversions. Hence, there are no extra charges or losses. Businesses will be paying for what they receive!

Modifying Website For Mobile Devices Is Unnecessary
For crying out loud, no! That’s a huge myth. Don’t we use our smartphones more than our PC? People are more likely to access websites and online content from their phones. Your business website might die in its initial stages if it’s not optimized for mobile devices.
If your website is not compatible with loading on a smart-phone, your customers will switch to your competitor’s page, which they’d find compatible with their phone’s interface. Hence, always make sure your website and online content are equally accessible on smartphones and tabs.

Parting Thoughts
Digital Marketing is competitive but is not limited to just one business type, consumer base, or certain professionals. It’s flexible, supremely promising, and open to anyone who holds decent business understanding and some digital know. We hope this article was informative for you.
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