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Westward Vehicles

Westward Vehicles, a full-service digital marketing client, achieved significant success in 2022 by increasing organic monthly visitors, adding over 1018 keywords, and saving $500+ monthly on Google ads.








“Our collaboration with Nation Media has brought a refreshing boost to our online world. The revamped website and sharp SEO tactics have truly elevated our digital footprint, ushering in a new era of customer interactions and growth. We’re excited and grateful for this remarkable leap forward!”
-Chris Franz

Westward Industries

About Westward Industries

Westward Industries is an electric vehicle manufacturing company based out of Winnipeg, Canada. Westward is a full-service digital marketing client. 2022 was about building brand recognition, establishing SEO as a staple in marketing efforts, and creating consistently successful marketing campaigns. To reach these goals, we launched several successful campaigns that involved SEO, email marketing, social media outreach, and Google ads.
A high-level KPI was to have organic SEO growth! In action, we devised a full-scale SEO website revamp strategy. e started by implementing new pages aimed at ranking for LSV terminology and Electric Utility Vehicle. After a year, all of these terms we set to rank for are in the top 3 and top 6 in the world: low-speed vehicle #3, electric utility truck #1, low-speed vehicle manufacturer #7, and more!

The challenge

Westward Vehicles encountered significant obstacles stemming from insufficient SEO optimization and the underperformance of critical keywords, ultimately resulting in a notable decline in conversion rates.


We revamped their website, optimized content, and conducted targeted SEO campaigns. Our strategy included refining their social media presence, implementing data-driven email marketing, and optimizing Google Ads. These measures significantly improved their online visibility, addressing the initial challenges and driving enhanced conversions.

The Outcome

With Nation Media’s marketing technology, SEO expertise, excellent social media plan, and website design revamp plan, Westward Industries’ organic website traffic has undergone extreme growth this past year. Organic traffic went from 1,083 organic monthly visitors to 2,657 by adding 618 keywords to its Google Search total—a massive increase in keywords from 372 to 918!

Additionally, with consistent social media posts, we generated 2,000+ website visits with social media alone! A staggering 40,000+ have seen our post, with a demographic of 87% males and 37% female.
What about Google PPC? With some revamping of the PPC campaigns, we saved Westward over $500+ per month in bad spending with an annual savings of $6,000!
The website revamp added to the success of all of the campaigns. We added 20+ new dynamic pages and a user-focused mega menu, reducing the bounce rate significantly by 60%. In 2022, the website had a 104% increase in users, with 185,035 page views and 54,644 users, up from 27,208 users in 2021.


Business impact

Westward Industries’ journey with Nation Media is a standout success, combining the art of digital marketing with impressive statistics. Their focused strategy in SEO and digital advertising led to a stunning rise in search engine rankings, with key terms reaching top spots worldwide. This approach significantly increased organic traffic from 1,083 to 2,657 monthly visitors.
Their website overhaul, featuring SEO-optimized pages and a user-friendly design, contributed to a whopping 104% increase in users and a 60% reduction in bounce rates. Social media efforts were equally impactful, attracting over 2,000 website visits and engaging over 40,000 viewers. Moreover, smart PPC campaign adjustments resulted in substantial cost savings, shaving off $500 monthly and totaling an annual saving of $6,000. With these strategies, Westward Industries has not just boosted their online presence but set a new standard in digital marketing effectiveness.







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- Ronald Majeski
"Working with Kaleb has been a great experience. I came into this web re-design project with no experience and past frustrations. Kaleb took all my worries away. He used his expertise, creative mind and added an extra dose of patience in working with me. He produced a great product for our non-profit ministry. Great work! I'm very thankful for his giftings and skills."
- Wendy Cornelison
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