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MetroNova Creative, facing SEO challenges, collaborated with Nation Media for an impactful SEO project in Michigan. In one month, they achieved a 334% increase in organic traffic, improved keyword rankings by 6.86%, and added 34 keywords, boosting revenue and ROI significantly.






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“Our experience with Nation Media has been incredible. Their SEO and UX design expertise led to a 334% boost in our website traffic in just a month, and improved our keyword rankings significantly. The value added is equivalent to saving $516 monthly on ads. We’re thrilled with these fantastic results!” shared a MetroNova Creative representative with evident enthusiasm.”
-Dan Craddock

Metro Nova Creative

About Westward Industries

Founded in 2014, Metro Nova Creative has been a steadfast ally for small businesses in Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic region, focusing on making them look professional and trustworthy. Their team is dedicated to offering growth tools that are both effective and respectful of budgets. Expanding beyond Virginia, they are committed to understanding each business’s unique story and goals, inspiring them to love their brand. In a significant collaboration with Nation Media’s SEO and website design experts, Metro Nova Creative experienced a dramatic 334% increase in organic website traffic in just one month. Their keyword rankings improved by 6.86%, with 34 new keywords added. This surge in traffic, which could have cost $516 monthly through ads, showcases the tangible revenue added to their business and an enhanced return on investment for their clients.

The challenge

MetroNova Creative addressed critical SEO challenges, partnering with Nation Media for a successful SEO project in Michigan.
Within a month, they achieved a remarkable 334% increase in organic website traffic, improved keyword rankings by 6.86%, and added 34 new keywords, translating to substantial added revenue and an enhanced ROI.


Nation Media addressed MetroNova Creative’s SEO challenges by implementing a comprehensive strategy, including redesigning the homepage, optimizing content, and providing ongoing guidance. The outcome was a significant surge in organic website traffic, improved keyword rankings, and added revenue, showcasing the effectiveness of the implemented solutions.

The Outcome

MetroNova Creative’s strategic decision to collaborate with Nation Media’s team of SEO marketing and website design experts has resulted in a phenomenal transformation of their digital presence. Within just a single month of implementing tailored SEO strategies and a revamped website design, MetroNova witnessed an extraordinary surge in organic website traffic, marking a remarkable 334% increase compared to the previous month.
This significant growth in web traffic is not just a numeric achievement; it represents a deeper engagement with their target audience and an expanded digital footprint. In addition to the surge in traffic, there was a notable improvement in their keyword rankings. The meticulous efforts in SEO optimization led to a 6.86% increase in keyword rankings, with 34 new keywords successfully incorporated into their digital strategy.
This enhancement in keyword performance is crucial, as it directly correlates to improved visibility and discoverability in search engine results, thereby reaching a wider, more relevant audience.
The financial implications of these results are equally impressive. The organic traffic gained through these SEO efforts would have otherwise cost MetroNova Creative approximately $516 if the same results were to be achieved through paid advertising channels. This significant cost saving highlights the efficiency and effectiveness of a well-planned and executed organic digital strategy. It’s a testament to the tangible revenue benefits and enhanced return on investment that strategic digital marketing can offer.
Overall, the collaboration between MetroNova Creative and Nation Media has not only accelerated MetroNova’s growth in the digital realm but also underscored the value of expert-led SEO and website design in today’s competitive online landscape. This partnership has set a new benchmark in achieving measurable, cost-effective results through digital marketing excellence.


Business impact

The strategic partnership between Nation Media and MetroNova Creative has led to a remarkable business transformation. By tackling MetroNova’s SEO challenges head-on, Nation Media’s comprehensive approach – which included a homepage redesign, content optimization, and continuous guidance – yielded outstanding results.
A whopping 334% increase in organic traffic and a 6.86% improvement in keyword rankings were achieved, along with the addition of 34 new keywords in just one month. This boost in online visibility is equivalent to saving $516 per month in advertising costs. The significant surge in web traffic and improved search engine presence have not only enhanced MetroNova’s online footprint but also added substantial revenue, highlighting the impact and effectiveness of Nation Media’s targeted solutions.


Increase in Organic Traffic


Improvement in Keyword Rankings


New Keywords in 1 month


Monthly Ad Cost Equivalent for Gained Traffic

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"Nation Media shines in the digital arena, expertly guiding companies through the intricacies of SEO and online marketing. Their personalized approach ensures that every campaign hits the mark, leveraging their SEO savvy from keywords to analytics for standout web presence. They're not just about attracting customers—they're about building loyalty. With vigilant campaign monitoring and adaptable strategies, they consistently deliver peak ROI. Partner with Nation Media for insight-driven growth and a collaborative journey to digital success."
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"Nothing but good things to say about Nation Media. They've been our go-to web agency for the last 2 years and counting. Every request is completed with a quick, concise turnaround and they really care about getting you what you need. Kaleb & Amber are the best!"
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"We hired Nation Media - Digital Marketing, SEO & Design Agency to manage our Google Adwords, and our SEO for Google Page 1 ranking. Since we hired them to do Web Design and Development we have experienced some great results. Our ranking for most keywords is on page 1 and our PPC costs have decreased, and our conversion rates are better. I highly recommend this professional company, they are truly one of the best SEO Web Design company."
- Tina Smithson
"Nation Media - Digital Marketing,SEO & Design Agency team is a really nice Agency. They are extremely knowledgeable about SEO (search engine optimization). Very talented at advising how to maximize your potential on-line.I highly recommend them.I think this Agency is a natural teacher,completely trustworthy,and very easy to work with."
- Ronald Majeski
"Working with Kaleb has been a great experience. I came into this web re-design project with no experience and past frustrations. Kaleb took all my worries away. He used his expertise, creative mind and added an extra dose of patience in working with me. He produced a great product for our non-profit ministry. Great work! I'm very thankful for his giftings and skills."
- Wendy Cornelison
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