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O'Neills Transmission

At Nation Media, we embarked on a comprehensive project with O’Neills Transmission and Auto, a family-run business specializing in transmissions and complete car care since 1960. Our mission was to enhance their digital marketing efforts through Google Ads and website optimization, aiming to increase their online leads, conversions, and overall business revenue.











O Neills

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We’re absolutely thrilled with the results of Nation Media’s digital marketing and SEO efforts. Their team’s expertise in Google Ads and website optimization has not only increased our online visibility but also significantly boosted our business. The growth in leads and conversions has been incredible, and we couldn’t be happier with the impact on our revenue.

-Ted O’Neill
O’Neills Transmission

About O'Neills Transmission

Since 1960, O’Neills Transmission, guided by three generations of the O’Neill family and supported by highly skilled technicians, has been a cornerstone in providing exceptional transmission services and comprehensive car care. Their commitment to thorough diagnostics and precise, timely service has earned them a trusted reputation. However, despite their longstanding expertise, O’Neills faced the challenge of adapting to the digital era to maintain and expand their customer base. They recognized the need to modernize their marketing strategies to continue thriving in a rapidly evolving automotive service industry.

The challenge

O’Neills Transmission faced the challenge of increasing their online leads and conversions in a digital space that was rapidly evolving. Despite their longstanding reputation and expertise, they needed to adapt their marketing strategies to the digital era to continue their growth and reach new customers.


At Nation Media, we tackled O’Neills Transmission’s digital challenges with customized solutions. We enhanced their website to improve user engagement and search engine visibility, focusing on a user-friendly interface and relevant content. Alongside this, we executed a strategic Google Ads campaign, targeting potential customers searching for automotive repair services. 

Our approach was to not just increase website traffic, but to attract visitors likely to engage with O’Neills Transmission’s services, thereby improving both the quantity and quality of leads and conversions. This comprehensive strategy was aimed at propelling O’Neills Transmission into a new era of digital connectivity and customer engagement.

The Outcome

The outcomes of our comprehensive digital marketing efforts for O’Neills Transmission were extremely positive and heartening. We observed a significant uptick in the number of online leads, which was a clear indicator of the effectiveness of our strategies. More importantly, these leads weren’t just numbers; they translated into a notable increase in actual job conversions, demonstrating that the traffic being driven to their site was not only higher in volume but also in quality.

The Google Ads campaign we meticulously crafted and implemented played a crucial role in this success. By carefully targeting potential customers who were actively seeking automotive repair services, especially in transmissions and complete car care, we ensured that O’Neills Transmission appeared prominently in search results. This targeted approach meant that the ads reached the right audience, increasing the likelihood of attracting serious customers.

Additionally, the optimizations we made to the O’Neills Transmission website significantly contributed to these positive results. The enhancements in website design and content not only made the site more appealing and easier to navigate for visitors but also helped in improving its visibility on search engines. This meant that when potential customers searched for related services, O’Neills Transmission’s website ranked higher in search results, leading to more organic traffic.

Overall, these efforts drove more targeted traffic to O’Neills Transmission’s site, traffic that was more likely to convert into tangible business opportunities. This success is a testament to the power of well-executed digital marketing strategies to transform an online presence and boost business growth.


Business impact

The collaboration between Nation Media and O’Neills Transmission brought about remarkable changes, significantly enhancing their business performance. Our focused digital marketing strategies yielded over 976 leads, a clear indication of the increased online visibility and customer interest. More impressively, these leads translated into 87 actual job conversions, demonstrating the effectiveness of our targeted approach in not only attracting potential customers but also converting their interest into tangible business results.


The cost-effectiveness of our marketing efforts was another highlight, with an efficient cost of just $35 per conversion. This strategic efficiency played a crucial role in driving substantial revenue growth for O’Neills Transmission, with total gains exceeding $110,150. This increase in revenue is a testament to the power of well-executed digital marketing strategies in generating real financial results.


Beyond the financial success, this partnership has significantly bolstered O’Neills Transmission’s online presence, making them more visible and accessible to potential customers in the digital space. This enhanced digital footprint has opened new avenues for business development, allowing O’Neills Transmission to explore and capitalize on emerging market opportunities. It has also reinforced their position as a leading provider of auto services, expanding their reach and influence in the industry.


Overall, our collaboration with O’Neills Transmission showcases the impactful role that focused and strategic digital marketing can play in advancing a business’s growth and solidifying its market presence. The impressive results achieved underscore the effectiveness of our approach in navigating the digital landscape to drive business success and market leadership.


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