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Why Design Matters

A website refresh every three to five years is commonplace, but how do you know when the time is right? Here are a few of your website’s most critical aspects to review when considering a website redesign and why design matters.

Design Matters When Shifting Goals

Remember that your website design should always reflect your operational business goals and current market positioning. Over time as businesses evolve, so do their primary objectives. Have you added a new product line or service? Has there been a shift in lead generation or none at all? Did you discover an additional persona you wish to target?

Questions like these may lead you down the redesign path. Small business changes may only require content updates, while rebranding or other larger market positioning shifts might benefit from a complete redesign. Please look at your current goals and ensure your website is helping move them forward. Is the design still relevant? It may be time to update. Design matters when considering this.

Design Matters


Design Matters.

Your website should be a key component of your marketing and sales engine. Design matters if you are seeking a high ROI. If you’re not getting much benefit from your current site, it could be time to think about a redesign. Does your site have enough opportunities for visitors to convert? Do the design and content represent your organization well and attractively portray product and service offerings? Do visitors feel your site has a professional design and appears trustworthy? This is one reason design matters.

Content Management System

Websites are like houses. Even if you’ve got a beautiful paint job, you won’t want to live there if the roof leaks and there’s water in the basement. 

 A website built on a shaky foundation may look passable but will cause headaches and extra expenses. Design matters when adding new content.
Is it challenging to add new content and features? Do mobile visitors get a terrible experience? Design matters for this reason. Is the site slow and prone to showing errors or crashing? In the modern age, there is no room for mistakes or issues like these.

Design Matters

Design Matters To Stay Competitive

Sometimes a market will pivot dramatically, and you need to reevaluate your website to stay competitive. If new website features are sweeping your industry, it’s time to review your site and remember design matters!

It may be that high-resolution product photos are now the norm, or competitors are adding chat and other interactive features. Whatever the evolutionary changes are, design matters, and make sure your site keeps up. Maintaining a compelling and helpful website is a sure-fire way to take your business to the next level.

Design Matters For Succesful Digital Marketing

 Digital marketing is essential to success in this age of the internet, so use these tools to their highest potential by polishing your website and showcasing your brand’s best online. Design matters for the best user experiences and your ROI!

Design matters to us! We can create a high-performing, flawless design with modern web design techniques. Schedule a FREE consultation with Nation Media Design today!

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