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Historic White Pine Village

We at Nation Media embarked on an extensive project with Historic White Pine Village. This living history museum offers a glimpse into late 19th and early 20th-century pioneer life. Our goal was to modernize their digital presence with a comprehensive site audit and website revamp, enhancing their online engagement and adding functionality for online ticket sales.


Implementation of a responsive design for optimal viewing on all devices. 


Reorganization of site structure for intuitive navigation.


Advanced optimization techniques for speed improvement.


Adding functionality for online ticket sales.


The digital marketing expertise from Nation Media has been transformative for Historic White Pine Village. Their comprehensive site audit and website overhaul have not only updated our digital presence but also made it easier for visitors to engage with us and purchase tickets online.

-Rebecca Berringer
Historic White Pine Village

About Historic White Pine Village

Historic White Pine Village in Mason County is a treasure trove of history, showcasing a pioneer village from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Village features 30 historic buildings, including the 1849 Mason County Courthouse and a working steam locomotive. With thousands of artifacts, it offers an immersive experience into the region’s rich lumbering and agricultural history. Despite their fascinating exhibits, they faced the challenge of an outdated website that didn’t support online ticket sales.

The challenge

The main challenge for the Historic White Pine Village was their outdated website, which failed to effectively showcase their rich historical offerings and did not support online ticket sales. This limitation hindered their ability to attract and engage with a broader audience and adapt to the evolving needs of modern visitors.


We approached these challenges head-on. First, we conducted a thorough site audit to identify areas needing improvement. We then revamped the website with a modern design, focusing on enhancing user engagement and simplifying navigation. A crucial part of our strategy was implementing a system for online ticket sales, making it convenient for visitors to purchase tickets and interact with the Village digitally.

The Outcome

The transformation of Historic White Pine Village’s website, undertaken by our team at Nation Media, resulted in a revitalized online presence that truly reflects the unique charm and historical significance of the Village.


The new website, now boasting a fresh and modern design offers a user-friendly interface that greatly enhances the visitor experience. This improved functionality makes it easier for visitors to navigate through the rich history and diverse exhibits showcased by the Village.


Our focus was to create a digital space that not only looks appealing but also effectively communicates the essence of Historic White Pine Village. The website now serves as a digital gateway, inviting potential visitors to explore the vibrant history of late 19th and early 20th-century pioneer life. Each aspect of the website, from the layout to the content, has been carefully curated to ensure it captures the spirit of the Village, making the historical journey intriguing and accessible to a broad audience.


Moreover, the new website design aligns with the needs of today’s digitally-savvy audience, providing them with an immersive and interactive exploration of the Village’s offerings. The inclusion of high-quality images, detailed descriptions of the exhibits, and easy-to-access information adds depth to the visitor’s online experience. This approach not only serves to pique the interest of potential visitors but also provides a valuable resource for educators, history enthusiasts, and the local community.


In addition, we made sure that the website’s structure and content were optimized for search engines, enhancing its visibility and making it easier for those seeking historical experiences or educational outings to find Historic White Pine Village online. The end result is a website that not only beautifully presents the historical wonders of the Village but also functions as a crucial tool in drawing more visitors and fostering a deeper appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of Mason County..


Business impact

The updated website has had a significant impact on Historic White Pine Village’s business operations. With the introduction of online ticket sales, they have seen an increase in visitor engagement and convenience, translating to a boost in ticket sales and overall visitor numbers. This digital transformation has not only enhanced their online presence but also positioned Historic White Pine Village as a more accessible and visitor-friendly destination, opening new opportunities for growth and engagement in the digital sphere.


Implementation of a responsive design for optimal viewing on all devices.


Reorganization of site structure for intuitive navigation.


Advanced optimization techniques for speed improvement.


Adding functionality for online ticket sales.

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