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Full service digital marketing for Dentist Office

Starting with Google ADs optimization

Digital Marketing: 4 Remarkable Improvements SEO Google Ads & Social Media

What do you do with the business that has been spending tens of thousands of dollars on digital marketing and not seen a return!? You make them a guarantee and show them a return. Easier said than done, but that was the mission with Family Dentistry.

They started with a local marketing company in Grand Rapids that was well preferred by many businesses, and it wasn’t that they didn’t have the tools to accomplish the goals Family Dentistry had. It was the lack of communication and the hard-to-reach part of the business that wasn’t rubbing them right.

Nation Media Design‘s human element came in. After a short consultation was easy to see that Family Dentistry just wanted a more personal approach to their digital marketing. For our team, easily done. We take pride in helping customers personally. Family Dentistry needed help with their Google ads SEO website update. This is the perfect client for us.

Any client that needs holistic digital marketing support and management is like a missing Tetris piece in the building blocks of our business. They do help us level up.

So how is the project gone?

Starting with the Local SEO

Digital Marketing: 4 Remarkable Improvements SEO Google Ads & Social Media

One of the pain points with the lack of search engine results optimized. Family Dentistry wanted to be ranking for veneers and other niche terms that they were not. So we started an aggressive backlink-building digital marketing campaign along with primary site optimizations a new page builds. Allowing us to rank up locally in a healthy and organic way that established over 25+ organic search rankings within three months. Family Dentistry was very satisfied with these digital marketing results!

Digital Marketing: 4 Remarkable Improvements SEO Google Ads & Social Media

Social Media Management for Lead Growth

Digital Marketing: 4 Remarkable Improvements SEO Google Ads & Social Media

Family Dentistry wanted to set its social media apart from other dental practices. We had to be very creative with our digital marketing tactics on the social media site to accomplish this. They wanted to show the practice for who they are—not using stock photos and generic office pictures, to name a few.

During our meeting, we discussed what is important to them and the importance of using organic-branded posts for their social media platforms. After our meeting, we scheduled a photoshoot with the practice. Our photoshoot produced some unique, organic content. Organic content in digital marketing is crucial.

For example, showing potential patients and clients who you are. And that you are trustworthy. The photos allowed us to create unique and engaging social posts for Family Dentistry.

We created the social posts, got approval, and then launched them. Their social media posts are beautiful and engaging. Having branded, consistent posts that clients can recognize builds credibility and notoriety for their company. We were pleased to help them achieve this.

Google ADs Optimization

Google Ads optimization was more of a simple matter than complex because Google ads had been performing pretty well overall. Still, they just wanted more control and input on what was going on—so adjusting the overall campaigns in the keywords and expanding the campaigns and the more relevant seasons for those keywords. No major recall was needed here. In time the digital marketing optimizations that took place saw a significant ROI and kept the leads coming in.

Digital Marketing is taken care of

In the end,  Family Dentistry was very satisfied with its digital marketing results. Not just with the ROI, the personal attention paid to their SEO, Pay Per Click, and Social Media brought satisfaction to the business. In addition, knowing they had a business partner, they could depend on and connect with was of unmeasurable importance. We always say let the results speak as our people reach every business right where they are and take them to where they want to be.

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