Branding and Social Media

Brands that chose not to invest in a social media presence before COVID-19 were forced to adapt or suffer the consequences. Continued communication with your audience is key to remaining on top. Brands need to get products to market much quicker, testing them with target consumers and rapidly learning and adapting from the results. Branding and Social media must be a part of your digital strategy.

Branding and Social Media With GMB

Branding and Social Media
Branding and Social Media

In March, SOCi reported double-digit increases in social posts, with the highest increase on Google My Business (GMB) with a 39 percent increase. Since many consumers turn to social to provide them with up-to-date local business information, reflecting these updates across your social channels is imperative.

Branding and Social Media With Extra Measures

If your brand has adjusted its hours due to the pandemic or has special hours for seniors or healthcare workers, that should be highlighted across social media channels. For example, how have cleaning protocols changed? Are employees required to take extra measures to stay safe? Again, this is what consumers are looking for on social media.

Branding and Social Media - Start with Google, and fine-tune on Facebook

For brands looking to increase their volume of reviews, Google is the place to start. GMB claims three out of every four new local reviews for multilocation brands. However, Facebook continues to have more positive reviews than any other site when comparing the top three platforms for online reputation — Google, Facebook, and Yelp. If your business lacks reviews, now is an excellent time to encourage consumers to leave them—reviews matter. Positive online reviews are the No. 1-factor influencing purchase decisions

Localized Search - Branding and Social Media

Localized search is a trend here to stay. The pandemic has led to a shift in how consumers look for local business information. Local search, social, ratings, and review sites were where people turned to first to find the up-to-date information they needed to make a purchase decision.

 However, this habit didn’t start during the pandemic. It only intensified. Localized marketing presence resulted in higher visibility for the brand and 3X the results in revenue growth rate, proving the value of a localized strategy. To take market share in this digital-first world, brands must claim 100 percent of local pages on the top search and social platforms and populate the pages with up-to-date information.

Moving Forward With Digital Marketing - Branding and Social Media

With a better understanding of how consumers have changed their habits and how retailers need to adjust, your brand is prepared to meet consumers where they’re spending even more time online. While there’s no promise of when things might go back to a new normal, your brand can begin making changes to its digital marketing efforts to meet consumers where they are on social media and reputation platforms.

As a brand in today’s society, it’s essential to be agile and adjust to the times they change. Through a prominent search and social media presence, your brand can stay visible throughout these difficult times and be in an even better position to rebound when the country begins to emerge from the pandemic.

Nation Media Design can perform an audit if you have an established social media presence and don’t know whether or not to continue posting. We can assist in all areas of social media to help drive traffic and convert consumers. Businesses have an opportunity to expand their reach and establish themselves as an authority in their field. Contact a professional at Nation Media Design today!

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