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  • We employed Google ads, SEO and LinkedIn marketing to increase registrations and awareness for Coverings 2022.
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Driving leads through SEO

SEMCO Florida-Driving leads through SEO.

SEMCO Florida is a unique coating provider located in Florida. SEMCO has been a forefront runner in creating resilient coatings that protect and restore surfaces. ​SEMCO came to Nation Media Design wanting to improve its website’s SEO rankings.

Nation Media Design was able to start driving leads through SEO organic search rankings. By improving backlink quality, optimizing site structure, and in the end, getting big wins in the process.

Currently, their site has been that has ranked well but due to the increasing competition in online environments. Over the past year, organic rankings on their website fell below average. Keep reading to see how SEMCO Florida-Driving leads through SEO.

COVID-19 effects

This has been a result of the COVID pandemic. More people are searching online for the products they want than ever. It’s a cause and effect. The more people that go online, the more businesses will compete for individual rankings so that their products are at the forefront of Google. Driving leads through SEO is putting SEMCO Florida on top!

Rankings Google

The challenge, recover organic rankings on Google. There are a few primary techniques to achieve this. Second, I was working on on-site SEO infrastructure and gaining high-quality backlinks to the website. Third, improving the website’s overall layout and design to improve the user experience.

SEO Infrastructure

The site’s SEO infrastructure was not in chaos; it was not where we wanted to be. If you want to outrank a competitor, you must be better than your competitors. By improving the SEO infrastructure and making the website easily searchable by Google’s bots, faster in page load time, and overall improve critical components that relate to Google’s algorithm.

High Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are the quintessential ingredient to having a strong SEO presence. Not just any backlinks, but high-quality backlinks. What determines the quality of backlinks? A few main factors play into determining the quality of a backlink. One of them is related to your site, which is the site you’re linking to. Is it in the same category as the site?

If you have a site about flooring, you would want to have other sites in that same general category of business linking to your site. Also, what is the domain authority of the site you’re connecting from?

Additionally, the higher the domain authority, the more referral score Google will contribute to the backlink’s overall quality score. There are more than a few attributes that contribute to the quality of a backlink, but these are two of the main ingredients to qualifying a link as a high-quality backlink.

Here are Some Big Wins for SEMCO Florida

You can see from the graph below the TOP 3 Rankings – we gained numerous new positions in the top three rankings in the initial two months. About 3.5 months ago, they had some significant dips in these rankings. However, the rankings are climbing back towards the original peak since we started our strategic SEO backlink building plan. The graph below from semrush.com shows this.

SEMCO Florida-Driving leads through SEO

Big Improvements in Blog Rankings and Traffic

See The Stats Below to see SEMCO Florida

Improvements we can make

In the NMD SEO plan, we offer ideas for improvements that will help drive more traffic and get qualified leads. Using SEO tools analysis, we improve the UX and UI to make engagement more pleasing for the users. Based on that data, we offer suggestions on converting this traffic more effectively—driving in more leads and increasing SEMCO’s ROI.


The continuing results for this campaign, SEMCO Florida-Driving leads through SEO, are outstanding and continue to produce results. A well-planned strategy, A+ communication with the client, and teamwork were all significant factors in these exceptional results.

We were able to build a long-lasting and trusting relationship with our clients. Helping them to reach their goals was very important to us. Utilizing every aspect of our team and theirs, we successfully established their online presence to produce lucrative results in this SEMCO Florida-Driving leads through an SEO campaign.

With this in mind, let Nation Media Design’s SEO experts develop your SEO standards to a new level. We build custom Search Engine Optimization plans for each of our clients. So, get local results more often to increase your ROI and gain more brand exposure.

We are a trusted SEO company in Grand Rapids, working with clients Nationwide, offering flexible and comprehensive online marketing strategies to help your business drive relevant traffic and stay ahead of competitors.


Nation Media Design technology and our search engine ranking/optimization (SEO) team helps you understand how people are drawn to your business and what you can do to turn them into valued customers.

We have successful methods for getting you business to show up in search engines with terms your customers look for.

There’s a lot of search engine data out there. But only the most helpful metrics will work wonders for your business. With Nation Media Design get easy-to-understand reports that measure and explain what matters most: organic traffic, keyword ranking, engagement, and more.

How do you become relevant to the audiences for whom you’re, well, extremely relevant? Through optimized search engine rankings. Nation Media Design services ensure that you show up exactly when you’re needed.

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